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Bad Acid Trip

Grindcore from North Hollywood, CA

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Since 1989, Bad Acid Trip has continually pushed the boundaries of grindcore. The North Hollywood trio comprised of vocalist Dirk Rogers, bassist guitarist Caleb Schneider, and returning drummer Carlos Neri assembled to create their most focused work to date, Worship of Fear. Part social commentary, part political observation, all distilled through a classic grindcore lens, Worship of Fear delivers all the fury and aggression of their infamous live performances.

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Since their formation in 1989, North Hollywood’s Bad Acid Trip has tirelessly tested the thresholds of extreme music. Inspired by the early Earache Records catalog of artists and albums, Bad Acid Trip set out to combine the elements of early grindcore with influences reflecting the band members diverse musical palettes. The result is reflected in their multi faceted approach to grindcore, steeped in socio- politically charged lyrics. This unique perspective has afforded the band opportunities to share the stage and travel abroad with such musical innovators as System of a Down, Ozzy Osbourne, Napalm Death, the Dillenger Escape Plan, Danzig, Gwar, Slayer, Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth, Tom Morello, Assuck, the Mad, the Mars Volta, All That Remains, Zeke, Spazz, Buckethead, Hank 3/ Assjack, Rudy Ray Moore, Ron D Core, Cypress Hill, Brujeria, Shay St John, and Body Count. Over the years, Bad Acid Trips’ evolutionary sound can be heard on numerous compilations, and ep’s, such as splits with Municipal Waste, Agathocles, and Benumb. Self produced full length albums For the Weird, by the Weird, Worship of Fear, and Humanly Possible, as well as 2004’s Lynch the Weirdo, produced by System of a Down guitarist/ vocalist Daron Malakian, offer an intense snapshot of the bands ever developing sound. Their most recent album Taught to Fear, on Wisegrinds Records, is a brutal sonic reflection of our world today. Longtime vocalist Dirk Rogers, drummer Carlos Neri, and bassist/guitarist Caleb Schneider combined forces with producer extraodinaire Toshi Kasai to capture their most focused sound yet, while reflecting the aspects of a challenging world.

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Religion: Halloween
Politics: Pragmatic